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Quality Assurance

An integral part of our Translation Quality Management system, the purpose of our quality improvement program is to improve the quality of our services by identifying areas for improvement and determining an action plan to implement any necessary changes. The areas for improvement can consist of:

The linguistic performance of an internal or external resource – determined by customer feedback or QAs (Lisa QA Model) as well as internal/external feedback.

Terminology management – Assessment of supplied/delivered TMs, source files and terminology query sheets. Reporting of issues with supplied TMs to customers. Management of TMs during the translation phase and after. Communication of terminology query sheets during the translation phase – determined by customer feedback, QAs, PMs and freelancers.

PM performance and the adherence to instructions by an internal or external resource – determined by customer feedback and project closure review (did we deliver the correct format, on time, and were special instructions followed and/or communicated coherently to the allocated resources? Did external resources provide feedback? Was relevant external feedback communicated to the customer?

OnLine TLT PMs are responsible for applying our TLT TQM (including Quality Improvement Program) at the end of each project and to report results to be integrated in OnLine TLT's action plans for improvement. The actions can result in updated style guides, communications with customers, updated information/training for internal/external resources and so on.

A Quick Way to Success

Quality can be measured in many ways. At OnLine TLT we focus on delivery of the quality you, as the client, ask for. To achieve this we always have following in mind:

  • We use the right tools and have the knowledge to use it.
  • All our translators are native speakers, and only translate into their native language.
  • We keep in touch with our clients and ask for their specialist knowledge and terminology.
  • We use and adhere to any reference materials provided by the client.
  • We deliver proofread and checked material. Proofreading is done by a qualified native speaking linguist.
  • We deliver on time.
  • We follow up with our clients.
  • We will be responsive and follow up on your mails and calls. We strive to respond within the same working day.