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Language Solutions - language as a sales parameter

Building a business case

Why even bother? You might ask yourself this question thinking that all your existing customers and clients will be able to read and handle your products in the language it was written. However, there a several points to take in consideration:


How many more copies or items will you be able to sell if the documentation and sales materials were translated?

This is a critical parameter you have to estimate before you decide to start any translations.

You have to justify the cost of a translation. It is always a good idea to build a business case before spending the money.

Legal requirements

Are there any legal requirements to be aware of? In many markets, translated user manuals and instructions are required by law. Also, in some cases this is a part of a certification for a product.

You will open new markets with your existing products. You can sell what you have and do not have to go through a complete new developing process. Even a partial translation will in many cases be sufficient and open new revenue streams.


What are your competitors doing? Do they translate their documentation and/or software? If they don't you will have a cheap selling point when contacting new customers.

Having, for instance, an instruction manual translated is cheaper than you may think – you can afford it!


Native language

We only use professionals who translate into their native language. Our translators will translate into, not out of, their native languages.

In most cases the translators only have one native language, so they do not have the education and experience to translate website content into more than one language.

We carefully pick the right resource for each job.

In an ideal world this means that the translators will have a profound knowledge of your products and your way of doing business.


Sometimes it will be very difficult to find any translators with the right technical knowledge, so we will always ask you to approve our deliveries and make sure that you are happy with the result.


All of our translators are trained linguists with degrees from universities or business schools, ensuring superior linguistic quality.