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Our History

Formed as part of the SYNTAX Group in 1989 and until 2001 known as SYNTAX Documents, TLT Documents was restarted in 1995 after a restructure.

In the Beginning...

Between 1989 and 1995 we were responsible for the localization of all Borland software products. During this period we also performed beta-testing and quality assurance of all Borland localization projects.

In the early years, we mostly worked as sub-contractors for the local offices of major international MLVs such as Berlitz, Mendez and Bowne Global Solutions.

Coming of Age...

That changed in 1995, when MapInfo (today Pitney-Bowes) decided to place their localization projects with TLT Documents. TLT Documents was appointed MapInfo's European Localization Center and today assumes full project management responsibilities for localizing MapInfo into Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Dutch.

Since then we have been fortunate to broaden our client base within localization, enabling us to build a healthy business. Culminating in 2001 with the reception of the Gazelle award for excellent growth.

Technical Writing...

Since 1996 we've also focused on technical writing. A number of long-term business relationships with Danish IT companies enabled us to become experts in this discipline.

Our Business Partners...

We take pride in having very successful strategic partnerships with our Scandinavian and European partners. Some of them we've worked with for almost 15 years now. Thanks to these partnerships we're able to provide translations to and from almost any language and to ensure high quality, meeting tight deadlines, and to offer competitive prices.

The Future...

Today, TLT Documents has a firm footing in a highly competitive industry. We are determined to improve customer relations, improve our partnerships and freelance networks, become even better at what we do, and offer even better service. Please visit

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